Dahlia Rose Thorp
Stream mom
date of birth / age
February 17, 1993 • 27
Shifter - Arctic Fox
Denver, Colorado
current residence
Patefacio, District Three
marital status
Twitch Streamer
Bo Thorp Sr. (Father, b. 1970)
Keira Thorp (Mother, b. 1972)
Bo Thorp Jr. (Brother, b. 1991)
Drake Thorp (Twin brother, b. 1993)
Anna Thorp (Sister-in-law, b. 1994)
Piper Thorp (Niece, b. 2016)

In addition to being a full-time streamer, she's a part-time babysitter. She loves it. She loves watching her niece Piper and her friend Elliot's daughter Scarlett aka Lettie.

She's not just a Twitch streamer, she also has a popular YouTube channel that accompanies. She does not maintain this, she has an editor that takes her footage from her streams and makes videos. She does provide voiceovers where needed, and sometimes posts some real life stuff like going to the gym.

She's not a booby streamer. Which means she doesn't stream with low-cut tops on, though she will admit that sometimes she wears tighter fitting clothes. This is very rare, however.
Born in the year 1993, she is the youngest of a pair of fraternal twins. She has a six minute older brother named Drake. Of course, she's also the youngest of all her siblings with her and Drake having an older brother named Bo Jr. She wasn't going to be the youngest, they had plans for more babies, but Dahlia's mom fell ill with ovarian cancer.

One might ask how the mother of shifters could get sick. Well, their father is the shifter and their mother is a human. Well, she was. Midway through her bout with cancer, her father convinced a friend to turn her into a vampire to prevent her from dying. They had talked about it before, but Keira always pushed it away saying she didn't know or she didn't want to. But being that close to death, she knew she wanted to be there for her children and her husband. She couldn't grow old and die and leave them without her.

They put having more children on hold after she was changed and thus far they have not had anymore, though Dahlia feels like her mother is going to try to talk to their father soon enough. She's been asking all of her children from grandbabies, too, but only Bo Jr. has obliged, giving her a granddaughter named Piper. But she wants more and she wants to see her daughter have grandbabies most of all, but Dahlia has no prospects in sight. Unless you ask her chat, which there are thousands of guys who would beg for a chance, but she won't date anyone from online.

Growing up, Dahlia was a girly-girl and she still pretty much is to this day, though her fondness of make-up has mostly evaporated into thin air. She prefers the actual natural look or the make-up natural look and only goes for bold and bright make-up if she's going out or it's a big day. Even then it might just be nice lipstick. Depends on how she feels.

When she was a kid, she was into dancing and was on her middle and high school's dance teams. She took ballet and was in gymnastics. But she began to take interest in what her brother Drake was doing - playing video games, and her love for dance gradually shifted to that but she didn't quit dancing until after high school.

After high school, Dahlia attended the University of Colorado Boulder and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She then went on for her Master's degree and around the first year of that, she started to stream. She started off small and she finished off her Master's degree, using her funds from Twitch to pay for a portion of the tuition so she had to borrow less.

She started taking off on Twitch and instead of looking for a job after she obtained her Master's degree, she threw herself into a full-time streaming schedule and once she did that, she began to amass numerous followers and subscribers to where she was able to officially take care of herself with her earnings and buy her own apartment. Well, pay her share in an apartment with her brother Drake who is also a full-time streamer. He has more followers, but she has more subscribers. They share hosts and raids to give one another new viewers, but it's a little rivalry between them. But one thing she'll never be able to top, if you ask Drake, is that he was born first, and that will always be his.

streamer stats

Follower count: 758,274 as of 3/16/20

Subscriber count: 19,646 as of 3/16/20

Average of 13,000 viewers

Over 1 million viewer hours.

Started off as an Overwatch streamer, she's ventured off as a variety streamer and streams other games such as Paladins, RimWorld, Dead by Daylight, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Apex Legends, and Path of Exile.

Streams one Saturday a month. It has been dubbed "Spooky Saturday" where she plays other random horror games. Look out for those jump scares!

Usually dedicates 1-2 hours of her time streaming in the Just Chatting channel so she can better connect with her fans.

Some of her regular streamers call her stream mom, and she was a little weirded out by it at first but its grown on her.

Is partnered with Discord, G-Fuel Energy Drink (10% off with code DAHLIA), Humble Bundle, Elgato, Into the AM (10% off with code DAHLIA), and Savage Jerky Co. (15% off with code DAHLIA).

twitch schedule
3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. EST

3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST

3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. EST

3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST



4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Dahlia is tall, standing at 5'8" with tanned skin and long brown hair. She has hazel eyes and a curvy body, though she's not what one might classify as "thicc" (as the youths say). She's quite happy with her body, thank you. The way she dresses is a toss-up any given day. She either dresses for comfort or she dresses super cute in crop tops and jeans, or some other type of pant. She wears her hair down always and fights to get it out of her face some days. She has no tattoos or piercings and no plans as of now to get any.

Dahlia is a sweetheart. She has a pure heart that she has managed to maintain even though she has endured so much bullshit from people on the internet. She does have her moments, she's still got her bad days, but she tries not to let that negativity show for long, if at all. She tends to keep that pent up, which builds up until she explodes, usually late at night by herself where she can scream and cry into a pillow. And Drake pretends not to hear her so she doesn't get embarrassed, though he does offer his support afterward by bringing her a hug and chocolate. It's important to add that by being sweet, she's not naive. She understands fully the way the world works and just how fucked up people are.

video games, dancing, singing in the rain, dancing in the rain, long naps, curling up in a mass of pillows, baggy t-shirts, hoodies, having her hair brushed or played with by someone else, hugs, cuddling, sex, swimming, running around as a fox and jumping all over everything and everyone, spending time with her family even if her brothers both drive her nuts sometimes, babysitting, streaming, her twitch chat (at least the good people), annoying drake when he's trying to stream (he does it to her too), candles, sweets, chocolate, frappucinos, lattes, cake pops, water

aimbotters, people who cheat at video games period unless it something innocent like a money cheat on the sims, losing, rude people, vicious people, long nails, knots in her hair, one night stands, people who only want her for her body, people who only want her for her money, any girl who has ever touched Elliot