Born in Brooklyn, New York 29 years ago, his father is a full blooded Italian and his mother is an English ex-pat who met in New York when they were only in their early 20s. It was love at first sight for both of them, and there was some balking because she wasn't a nice Italian girl but his father didn't care. He held his stance and they eventually gave up on fighting him about it and his mother didn't let them talk shit about her either. She held her ground and when she became pregnant with Enzo, the family took to her better because she was having one of their family members and they wouldn't snub him the way they wanted to snub his mother. Before the pregnancy was finished, they had accepted her in and there was no more animosity. Vincenzo Matteo Genovese was a healthy but fat little baby with the chubbiest cheeks. He was babied until he was old enough to learn the family business and from then he was treated as a man, even before he was legally called one. They didn't know what to have Enzo do at first and they began to train him as a fixer, but as he got older and more interested in tattoos and piercings and working out, they redirected him to being and Enforcer and that is where he has been the last 10 years.
Enzo stands at 6'1" tall and weighs an even 200 pounds. He has short brown hair that is shaved on the sides and back and green eyes. He dresses casual in jeans and t-shirts and only wears a suit if he has to. He has a very high number of tattoos covering his body, including a massive portrait of the Goddess Kali on his front and a giant skull on his back. He has his nose and his ears pierced. He keeps his face and body mostly clear of hair excluding his legs. He has his left nostril pierced and in his left ear he has the a lobe, daith, snug, and forward helix. On his right he has the daith, forward helix, and a snug piercing. His body is his canvas and you can fuck off if you don't like it.
Enzo is whatever he needs to be at any given time. Being the nice guy is easy, because that's what he is in general. He's charming and likable and very popular with the ladies. But that does not stop him from doing what he needs to do to get the job done. If he has to be the bad guy, he can do it in an instant. If he has to be neutral, he can do that too. It is what it is and he can fit any role he needs to. Which can make it hard for some people to tell who he is because he can get lost in other personalities if he's made to portray them for far too long. Those closest to him know, though, and that's what matters to him.