Singer / The Siren
Mia Giovanna Genovese is the youngest child and only girl of Giovani and Maria Genovese. She was born 26-years-ago and is the daughter of the Genovese family don. Her mother is a socialite, even now, as she ages. She says she'll be that until she dies, and likes to keep up appearances and build relationships across families to benefit the Genovese family. She's the rock and has kept the family sane and together all these years. Mia grew up singing from the time she could string together words, even if it made absolutely no sense to anyone else. Once she was old enough, her parents put her into vocal and piano lessons. She even had them put her in lessons to learn to play the guitar, though she doesn't do much of that anymore. It's still a skill she wanted and she still has it. At 15 she started waitressing at one of the Genovese family businesses and a few years later when their singer left the stage for good, she was given the job and its where she has been ever since.
Mia is short, standing at only 5'3" tall and weighs 112 pounds. She has long black hair and she has blue eyes that have a small hint of green in them if you look close enough. Which most people don't, thank god, but you can really tell in photographs. She's incredibly curvy, with large breasts and a big ass that she likes to show off in the clothing that she wears. Aside from when she goes to bed, she usually wears tight, form-fitting clothes and flaunts what she has. She likes to wear makeup and try new looks every day, though some days she just says fuck it and goes out without it, but never on stage. She has no tattoos and only has her ears pierced and has no current plans for that to change.
She's a bit of a bitch with a superiority complex. She thinks she's better than you, and let's face it, she probably is. She knows she's beautiful, she knows she's smart, she knows she can sing, and she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she can get and have absolutely anything she wants no matter what anyone says or does. She might not get it immediately, but she's patient, and she will have it one day. Right now? She has her eye set on a person and a few things, but mum's the word.