Mateo Alessio Giancana Jr. was born 30 years ago and is the oldest son of Mateo Sr. and Alessia Giancana. He has four younger siblings, all boys. He grew up with a privileged life. He wanted for nothing and was an excellent student. He was into sports, playing football from sixth grade onward. He was offered scholarships to play for major colleges after high school, but he had other plans and he turned them all down. That's when he began to work for his father and the rest of his family. Before he turned 18, he met a girl named Vivian D'Alessandra while on summer vacation in Italy, the daughter of "family friends". She was two years younger than him, but she was beautiful and incredibly smart. The two fell in love hard and fast, and Mateo told her he'd come back for her when she was of age. That's when he had to go back to New York and began to work. They wrote letters back and forth until one day they stopped and he inquired as to why. Her husband had put a stop to it. Mateo was furious and demanded that his father do something, but his father said no. He was not going to risk an uproar with the D'Alssandra family for one girl. Mateo was still angry, but he knew not to go against his father so he didn't. He did his best to forget Vivian because it was easier than thinking about her everyday and when he was 20, he met a girl named Carina. She was 19 and they dated for a few months before the birth control failed and she became pregnant. Mateo did what he thought was right and he married Carina before she gave birth. It was a big affair and they were both overjoyed, though Mateo won't say he wasn't upset that it was Vivian. Life was good, they had a happy marriage and their daughter Alessia (named after Mateo's mother) was growing up fast. She was smart and funny and she had wisdom beyond her years. She was growing and learning faster than other kids her age and she was able to skip first grade and went straight into second. But then tragedy struck. Mateo was at work and Carina let Alessia go across the street to play with the same boy she'd played with for years. She never imagined what would happen next. Sirens erupted on their street and Carina knew something had gone wrong. She ran across the street to find that Alessia had been shot and killed. Accidentally. She called Mateo, obviously incredibly upset but unable to put into words what happened. Mateo raced home and that's when he heard the news. He was enraged, too enraged to cry, and he scooped Carina up and put her in the car and followed them to the hospital. After that, things just spiraled. Mateo found himself resenting his wife and blaming her for letting Alessia go over there. He knew deep down things had been fine in the past, but he couldn't see past his anger. They fought, she'd hit him and throw things, and he'd yell back at her. The marriage dissolved not even six months after Alessia's death. They divorced, sold the house, and split the money 50/50. Mateo moved into a new house and tried to put his life back together, when on the year anniversary of his daughter's death, he found out that Carina took her own life. She had developed a severe drinking problem and she swallowed a bottle of pills with a bottle of whiskey. She left a note, but Mateo refused to read it. He didn't think he could handle anything she had to say. Its been over a year since that happened, and two years since his daughter's death, and he's doing better than he was.
Mateo is 6'1" and weighs approximately 185lbs. He has short brown hair and brown eyes and sports a mustache and beard. He has an incredibly toned body and takes care of it by going to the gym regularly and eating well. Most of the time he wears suits, hence his nickname, but he also dresses down in jeans and t-shirts on occasion, and he doesn't dress up when he's just at his house expecting no visitors. He has no tattoos and has no plans on getting any. As for piercings, he just has his ears.
Mateo is cold and not good at expressing his feelings, at least after the death of his daughter. Things were different before then. But that's the past. Mateo isn't as open to people as he used to be and he's taken to sleeping with women just for the sex and throwing them aside because he doesn't want to have his heart ripped open again. He has little concern for the feelings of others, but he's also diplomatic as he needs to be in his position as the underboss for the Giancana family.