Gemma Amalia Ferriola is the fourth oldest of six children and is the middle child of the three girls (she's 26). From a young age, Gemma was argumentative with anyone, it didn't matter if you were the neighbor kid or her own parents. If you did something she didn't like, she let you know. If you asked her to do something she didn't like, she would let you know. To say that Gemma spent a lot of time being grounded would be an understatement. Until she got old enough to know how to pick her battles, and during this time she realized she wanted to be a lawyer. Then she could argue until she was blue in the face and they would let her! Well, you know, to an extent. She still had to respect the rules, but it was an opportunity to put her argumentative streak to use. She took college classes alongside her classes in high school so when she graduated she immediately went into her bachelors degree in Legal Theory at NYU. After graduating with honors, she passed her LSATs with flying colors and moved on to Law School at NYU, where she is currently in her final year of studying Criminal Justice.
Gemma is 5'8" tall and weighs enough - she's not telling you, go away. She has long brown hair and greenish brown eyes. Her skin is pale and she loves to wear dark makeup and clothing. Some may refer to her style as "gothic", likely because it's mostly blacks or toned down bright colors. She has her right nostril pierced, her ears, and a vertical labret piercing on her bottom lip. She has no tattoos and doesn't plan on getting any at this moment in time. She has the nickname legs because she has long, lean legs that she shows off in skirts with slits up to the waist or in skirts. She likes to wear thick shoes with heels or even just chunky boots.
Well, she's argumentative as said, but she really is a nice girl. Or she tries to be. She treats people well and always looks out for her friends and her family. She's just incredibly passionate about certain things in life and she'll bump heads with you about them every time if you give her the chance.