Bianca Ines Rossi was born in Manhattan 25 years ago. She is the youngest of two, with one older brother. Her home life was not a good one. Her father was an absentee alcoholic and her mother took her anger about her husband out on her daughter. Her brother seeing their mother doing it and him not getting hit made him think it was okay and he began to torture her too. She spent as much time out of the house as she was allowed, playing with her friend Giovanni Carparelli. The two of them were as thick as thieves and often got into a lot of trouble together. He knew of her abuse and he would hug her if she needed it and hold her if she was crying. To repay his kindness, when they were 17, she took the wrap for a crime and made him leave. She was charged with manslaughter, but with the help of Gio and his family, it was lowered to involuntary manslaughter and she was sentenced to eight years in prison. The two communicated via letters because she refused visitors. She didn't want anyone to see her like this, especially Gio. She holds those letters near and dear to her heart and she's kept every last one of them through her time there. She's getting out in just a few days, and has no idea what to do. What she does know is that Gio is going to be there to get her and that's what matters.
Bianca is 5'4" tall and weighs about 110lbs. She has very long brown hair that is straight and brown eyes. Before prison, she would curl the bottoms of her hair and she'd wear a variety of clothes, much of which were very feminine and she liked to show off her curves. Which weren't much back then but she has filled out nicely the last eight years, not that she had the chance or wanted to show them off because that would attract the wrong kind of attention.
Bianca's personality took a major shift from before prison to now. She's very rough around the edges and is not quick to show emotion, so far. She's not sure how she's going to fair once she has Gio in her life again. It's all up in the air and she's terrified of the type of person she has become.