6'4" | 150 lbs | 22
Wayne Ashby
Born: April 8, 1997
Birthplace: Hollywood, California
Resides: Hollywood, California
Wayne Ormand Ashby was born in Hollywood, California to James and Mary Ashby. He is an only child and spoiled in every possible way. His being an only child was on purpose, his parents never wanted more than one child. They wanted to be able to focus all of their attention and love on one and they were glad that it was a boy to carry on the Ashby name. Wayne's middle name is the same as his father's. He grew up loving video games and cars, and his love of cars spanned out to ended up with him loving racing. Not NASCAR, no. Street racing, and as soon as he had finished building up his car (a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396), he started. He did all of this with his longtime best friend Bryan Chambers. All of this culminated in Wayne and Bryan opening up a garage on their own where they could help fix and paint cars. They not only do paint changes on the car, but they have an in-house artist that can draw up and paint anything you want on your car.