5'9" | 121 lbs | 28
Phoebe Grabner
Born: February 12, 1991
Birthplace: Madison, Wisconsin
Resides: Manhattan Beach, California
Phoebe Jane Grabner was born in Madison, Wisconsin to Deborah and Henry Nelson. She's the youngest of two girls, she has an older sister named Brooklyn. Phoebe is very much a daddy's girl, often spending time with Henry growing up and learning all sorts of skills and going on adventures with him. She very much liked being outdoors and the two of them would often "go camping" (aka setting up a tent in the backyard). But as Phoebe got older and discovered boys, her time with her father was less and less though she did not love him any less. She just had different priorities now and she dated a guy in middle school up until ninth grade when she met Nick Grabner. She had come from a different middle school than him. She and her boyfriend at the time broke up and midway through her sophomore year of high school, she approached Nick and asked him out on a date to which he said yes. The two started up a relationship that has lasted to this day.

When Nick was drafted at 17 and when it was time, they moved to Chicago where he played for the Blackhawks. They were there a couple of years and Phoebe gave birth to their twin sons, Julian and Miles. It was a year after that when he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings and they moved to Manhattan Beach where they live today. Phoebe is a stay-at-home mom, and just eight months ago she gave birth to their third child, a son named Emerson.