5'3" | 123 lbs | 23
Pansy Parkinson
Born: November 11, 1996
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Resides: Hollywood, California
Pansy Hélène Parkinson is the youngest of four children. She has two older brothers and one older sister. She is the child of Jadon and Carlotta Parkinson. Jadon is a lawyer to the stars and her mother Carlotta is a fashion designer. She has a relatively popular line of clothing. She grew up living in a nice house and a family that looked pristine from the outside. But inside of the house, behind closed doors, Pansy had been a punching bag for her mother from the time she was three-years-old. Her older siblings were untouched and left to grow and get whatever they wanted, but if Pansy dared to ask for anything she'd get the belt or the back of her mother's hand. She learned quickly that she shouldn't ask for anything at all.

Her torture was vast and unrelenting. She was starved, beaten, locked in closets, burned with scalding hot water, and the emotional abuse was paramount as well. Pansy grew up with no self-confidence, whatever she showed to the outside world was fake. She was always too fat according to her mother, despite the fact that it was really that she was just curvy. Pansy believes now that her mother was envious that her daughter had a figure to die for and she didn't. The abuse has left Pansy damaged but the love of her brother Marc has kept her stable, as well as her best friend Ivy. When she turned 18, Pansy left the house and her father gave her money, just as he had done Marc when he left. Pansy moved in with her brother Marc once she turned 18 and she took some time to herself, and Marc let her. She needed to have breathing room and time to figure out what she wanted to do.

Pansy had always loved to cook, when she was allowed, but she always did prefer baking. She did more of that once she was living with Marc, and she spent time thinking of what she could do with her life and she ultimately decided on opening a donut shop. It opened on Valentine's Day in February of 2019, after having the building built from the ground up in the way she wanted. She developed the menu and has an extensive one. She employs multiple chefs and sales people. Her head chef is Nico. Pansy still bakes some days, but most of the time she is in the back dealing with paperwork and all of that lovely stuff.