5'11" | 143 lbs | 28
Nico Demetriou
Born: July 9, 1991
Birthplace: Hollywood, California
Resides: Hollywood, California
Nico Xander Demtriou is the only child of two Greek immigrants who came to the United States and settled in Hollywood, California in the mid-80s. He was born less than ten years after they moved, and their parents tried unsuccessfully to have more children. There were a couple of miscarriages after his birth before they stopped trying. They couldn't handle anymore losses. Nico has always tried to be the best son he could be to make up for the fact that they couldn't have anymore children. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, and he's very close to her. She taught him how to cook and how to bake and developed his love of food. Growing up, he continued to help his mother and he knew that one day he wanted to be a chef. It wasn't until he was about to leve high school that he decided he wanted to be a pastry chef and that's what he did. He's worked in a number of different pastry shops, hotels, and restaurants, but in late 2018, he applied to be the head pastry chef at an up and coming donut shop. He hadn't ever worked at a donut shop before and it sounded like an amazing new experience so he applied and got the job. He assisted Pansy in developing the menu.

Nico did all of this while caring for his daughter. She is, as of 2019, nine years old. She was born deaf and her mother, deciding she didn't want a disabled child, abandoned her with Nico. Nico was confused and upset at first, but he adjusted quickly to being a single father. He had the help of his childhood and longtime friend Emilia when she was available to help watch her. She's been a positive influence in his daughter's life. His daughter's name is Allison and she's the absolute light of his life. She's smart and he has hired a nanny to come in the morning just for two hours to make sure Allison gets up for school, has breakfast, brushes her teeth and all of that good stuff, before putting her on the bus. The nanny leaves and comes back again to get Allison off the bus and helps her do her homework. Some days the nanny picks up Allison from school and takes her to her art and dance classes. But no matter what, every night, Nico his home by six because he worked it out with Pansy so that he could have dinner with his daughter every night.