5'6" | 130 lbs | 21
Jade Chamberlain
Born: September 9, 1998
Birthplace: Daytona Beach, Florida
Resides: Hollywood, California
Jade Victoria Chamberlain was born in Daytona Beach, Florida to two police officers. Her mother has her eyes set on being Police Commissioner one day and her father would be happy just being Captain of a precinct, which he's in line for at this moment. Jade is super proud of both of her parents who have fought every step of the way for what they wanted. Jade is the only child of the pair, and was doted on extensively, but never really spoiled. There were a lot of things Jade wanted in her life that she didn't get, not because her parents wanted to deny her anything, but because they couldn't afford it. Which Jade understood, so she never bothered them unless it was something she really wanted or something she really needed. She met Madison in middle school and the two became fast friends, and even when Madison had to go to a new school, they stayed in touch and once Jade was old enough she decided she wanted to move to California and the first person she called was Madison.

In late 2018, Jade obtained a job as a Customer Service Executive for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Ever since then, she has been eyeballing one of the players - Zion LaRochelle. She's got a massive crush on him, but she feels like he doesn't feel the same and she's afraid of rejection so she doesn't go for it, no matter what people say to her about it.