5'8" | 130 lbs | 17
Haley Chambers
Born: January 4, 2002
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Resides: Hermosa Beach, California
Haley Annmarie Chambers is the youngest child of Rose Chambers. She has one older brother named Bryan. Her father doesn't deserve a mention, but it's important to know what she grew up with. Her father was an abusive alcoholic who also happened to be a cop. He physically abused their mother for years and once her brother Bryan was old enough, he started to get in between them and he took the beatings until one day he was strong enough to fight back. His "other side" away from the police station was uncovered and he was arrested, being named a dirty cop not only for what he was doing at home but other side dealings that he had been doing while on the job. This didn't surprise anyone. Haley was only seven or so years old at the time, so she wasn't made aware of the rest of his troubles until she was old enough to understand.

Her mother and brother supported her both emotionally and financially. They catered to her desire to learn how to dance and to learn how to sing, though she was a natural at both. She excelled in her classes. She eventually learned to play the piano and the guitar. Her singing lessons ended when she reached high school and so did her dance lessons. She joined the choir at school and just practiced dancing on her own. When she first turned 17, she started posting videos on YouTube of her singing, dancing, playing guitar, and playing the piano. It was there that she was contacted by Emilia Acosta, a manager for singers and bands. Haley didn't reply all the way, taking her time to do some research on this lady to make sure she was the real deal. Haley wasn't stupid and she didn't want to be taken advantage of, so about a week later she responded and the two began to talk. But it was made clear early on by Rose that Haley would not be doing anything music related until she had graduated from high school.